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Bad workouts are the ones you didn't have!



About Resi-Bands

Workout at home without any expensive, bulky equipment you have or that expensive gym membership, because these resistance bands is all you need for an effective full body workout!

Resi-Bands are a simple piece of workout equipment that offer a wide range of uses, and this kit is the perfect addition to any home gym. Target any muscle group on your body, and get the results you desire, quickly and effectively! All from the comfort of your home.

Top Exercises with ResiBands

Endless amount of exercises are offered with resistance bands, hit every single muscle group in the body. Exercises are not just limited to whats shown above, there are over a 150 different varieties of exercises to maximize your workouts at home!

Door Anchor

Each kit comes with a door anchor, handles and straps, so you may set up your resistance bands in a matter of seconds at any location you wish. Just choose your exercise, set up your resistance bands and begin your workout!

Quality Product

Resi-Bands are designed to withstand high tensity preventing them from snapping or breaking easily. Made with 100% quality natural rubber latex & elasticity along with high grade silicone which prevent defects of any kind, assuring you with the quality and safety of our product. The handles have a strong foam grip which absorbs sweat not causing slips or discomfort while you workout. The resistance bands are 120cm in length, advised not to be stretched 3 times their length to prevent snapping.